About Financing

A commercial loan is a general term for financing your business.

Commercial Mortgage

Is financing for the building where your business is located.  The loan is generally for a fixed period of time (10, 20, 30 year amortizations) and the rate could be fixed, variable or both (meaning it is fixed for a certain number of years and at the end of that period is reviewed and modified for the next period).

Business Loan

A business loan is secured with the assets of your business.  It could be a straight installment loan for a certain period of time with a fixed or variable rate.  Usually used for fixed businesses expenses, like building modifications, purchasing of business furniture or equipment.

Business Line-of-Credit

A line-of-credit is usually secured by business assets and used on a short-term basis to meet operational expenses of the business like inventory purchase, meeting payroll, etc.  Most lenders want to see the line fully paid for at least 30 days out of the year.

Those are the 3 basic types of loans you usually find in your neighborhood bank.  However it will not satisfy or be suitable in many business situations and even though we have all of those loan types available for our clients, we also have such loans as totally unsecured business loans, loans based on your receivables, bridge loans for short time periods and start-up loans with lending and equity partner(s) options.

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